A Family That Rides Together


Jason Family We all know that Cedar Point is the ultimate family vacation destination, with its combination of thrill rides, family rides, food options, and the best places to stay the night.  But the best part of a family vacation at Americas Roller Coast is the memories that last a lifetime.  Jason Slone, a fan of MyOwnCP, recently mentioned a special moment at the park involving one of its record breaking coaster Magnum XL200.

Magnum XL200 plays a special role in the life of Jason and his wife Callie.  This record breaking coaster was the couples first riding experience at Cedar Point during their first visit in 1997.  Ever since then Cedar Point has been a place for the family, now including 10 year old daughter, Isabella.Jason Family

This year the couples first coaster gave another first ride, this time for Isabella.  It has come full circle for this familys relationship with this coaster.  Thank you Jason for sending in these photos and telling me this great story.