Being A Cedar Point Employee

Best day promiseSo recently I was offered a job working at Americas Roller Coast for the 2015 summer season on Top Thrill Dragster.  Not only am I excited to be working at my home away from home, I get to be one of the many people that provides the Best Day Experience to millions of guests this summer.  Excited isn’t the propper work to describe how I feel right now.  But having this summer job can be hard, working in the hot Ohio summer heat and unpredictable weather.  Long days are in my future.  But as an employee at the worlds greatest amusement park has it perks.

As an employee there are many fun opportunities both inside, and outside of Cedar Point.  Our employee id badges act as a platinum pass and gets us entry and free parking at all Cedar Fair owned parks like Kings Island and Carowinds.  Many Banshee and Fury 325 rides are in my future this summer.

Bus trips are also given for employees to go have adventures that don’t include speals about keeping arms down and heads back.

Movie nights and food events, like hot dog roasts and barbeques, are provided for employees for when we get sick of the typical carnival food diet of fresh cut fries and deep fried cheese on a stick.  But really, who could EVER get sick of Cedar Point style fast food?

On site housing is also provided for anyone who qualifies, and lives at a minimum of 30 miles from Cedar Point.  Dorms and apartments exsist along Cedar Point Drive.  Now my home away from home, will ACTUALLY be my home away from home.

Park tickets are also provided to employees, four for your first year and six after that.  So friends and family can come see us at work, and watch as we make those millions of guests happy.

Who wants to party?!  I know after a long day of work all I want to do is relax and have a good time.  Or ride some of the worlds greatest scream machines.  Every other monday is an employee ride night where we get to ride some rides after the park closes and the guests have gone home, or to the newly updated Hotel Breakers.  The park also throws parties for its employees to unwind after a long day.

There’s one more big reward for getting to work at Cedar Point, and that it the friendships you make.  The last couple of years I got to meet a lot of amazing people, like Kristen from Millennium Force and Kat from Millennium Force who gave my niece her gloves closing night because it was cold.  And these are just a couple of the amazing people I met NOT as an employee.  I get to work with people from all over the world and am greatly looking forward to meeting a lot of cool people this summer, both employees AND guests.

All in all being an employee at Cedar Point has its ups and downs, yes it is meant as a coaster pun, but to me the overall opportunity to make every day the best day of the summer for a lot of people makes up for the sometimes negative experiences.  I am super excited to begin my training at Cedar Point on May first, and can’t wait to see you guys at Americas Rockin Roller Coast, ride on.


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