Coaster B-Rad

Coastermania Cruise Hello, my name is Brad Kilgore also known as Coaster B-Rad.  I am the General Manager of  I have been an avid fan of Cedar Point since before I can remember.  The place feels like home to me.  Cedar Point has brought me more happy memories than any other place on earth!

CoasterMania! was such an incredible event that Cedar Point really went all out on this year utilizing their “Best Day Promise!”  So much ERT (Extra Ride Time) before the park opened and after the park closed including an hour on my favorite ride of all time, Millie, lots of free gear, and so much food! We received a CoasterMania! jacket, a drinking glass, glasses, glasses strap, lanyard, 2014 t-shirt, and so much more!

My favorite part of the entire event however was something that caught me completely off guard.  Something that really showed me that Cedar Point cares about its enthusiasts.  A ride on the Jet Express around the peninsula!  This was such a fantastic opportunity for video and pictures from a point of view most enthusiasts have never been able to see before, including myself!Brad Millie

Thank you Tony Clark and Cedar Point for another AMAZING YEAR! Here’s to an even better year in 2015!!!