Getting Stuck

Maverick TunnelRides break down all the time.  They are essentially just very large computers that break down.  Sometime they happen to break down with a car full of people.  Do we get excited when we get stuck?  YES!!  My first ever getting stuck experience was right here.  Inside the tunnel on Maverick.  Last August my family and I went to the park for the weekend.  The first day there started with me waiting outside the gate at 8am.  Why?  Because I wanted to.  I didn’t have my platinum pass then so no early entry.  As soon as I got there the rain started.  So waiting in the rain until the park opened at 10am.  Since Maverick was the ride I ran to first in the morning, I did just that.  But surprise surprise, it was down because of the rain.  So being the coaster dork that I am, I waited in the rain until it opened.  At 11:30am.  So after three and a half hours of waiting I was finally getting off this ride.  I got up into the station and got in line for the second car, front seat.  I was going to be the first rider in this seatThen the group of girls came up trying to figure out how to get them all in one car.  Being the gentleman that I am, I let them in front of me thinking I waited this long.  I could wait a few more minutes.  I got on front seat, launched, and made it to the tunnel.  We slowed down, then stopped.  A few minutes later the side door to the tunnel opens up and a ride op comes in and tells up that the power went out after we launched up the hill.

So we talked to the guy for about half an hour until the handy dandy phone rings.  With the okay to launch us we manually pushes us forward to the LIM launch spot.  AND we stop again.  A few minutes later he’s pushing us forward again and launch even faster to make it through the rest of the ride.

During my race weekend a similar thing happened to me, only this time on Millenium Force.  Getting stuck on the lift hill, if only for a few seconds, is amazing.  The only thing better would to be stuck on top of TTD, or a rollback.  Have any of you reading this ever been stuck on a ride?  Let me know!