Goodbye Mantis

goodbye mantis


The anticipation of Cedar Points major announcement was “squashed” today as the park instead announced the end of Mantis, the worlds tallest and fastest stand up coaster when built, boasting the worlds largest vertical loop.  Cedar Point released a little teaser sized video of a grim reaper coming to collect this ride.  It is a bit of a painful ride but it is always hard to see a coaster go away.

“Goodbye is never easy, but in this case it is” appears on screen.

Then sister park, Dorney Park, tweeted about the announcement using #DPstandsUPwithCP

There are still many questions that are left unanswered, like is this the REAL announcement for 2015?  Or is this just the teaser to the real deal.  Either way one thing is for sure…Mantis will no longer stand watch over Cedar Point after October 19th.  Get your last stand in now before it’s too late.


What are your thoughts on this?  Are you happy the park has decided to take out this bug of a ride?  Will you miss it?

On September 8th, 1995 Cedar Point announced Banshee, the worlds tallest fastest and steepest stand up roller coaster.  But shortly after the logo and name were revealed the name was set to change due to some negative press over the word Banshee.  In November the trademark was filed and soon approved, Mantis was born.  All Banshee merchandise was recalled, but some pass holder already received Banshee t shirts.  The original Banshee logo was then moved to sister park Dorney Park and used for their hyper coaster Steel Force in 1997.

The ride opened to the public on May 11th, 1996 with unpainted rails, which were painted red in 2003.  The original entrance was moved in 2000 when construction of the new Millennium Force entrance plaza was created sending the Mantis entrance to the opposite side of the CP&LE Railway.