Halloweekends 101 Part 1

CornstalkersOutdoor haunts, or Scare Zones, offer a completely different experience then the traditional haunted houses.  The chilly night air, clouds, and moonlight add much more to the horrors that await you.  There are six scare zones scattered throughout the park, each offering different themed nightmares to send chills down your spine.


First in the all new Tombstone Terror Tory.  Situated in Frontier Town between Maverick and the arcade Tombstone Terror Tory is an old western themed scare zone with cowboys and stage coaches.  An animatronic  cowboy and horse welcome you to town while warning you what lies ahead.  A great new addition to the line up of all things that scare you.

Next we will travel through Cut Throat Cove, a chilling sea bound journey with the pirates of Lake Erie.  Located beneath Maverick we deal with the sounds of the pirate life, all while listening to the roar of Maverick coming from above.  Are the screams coming from around you?  Or from above?

Maniacle Mechanical Screamworks fills up all of the Frontier Trail from the old Swan Boat pond to the tunnel underneath Millennium Force.  Starting at 8pm the trail fills with fog and laser lights and much much more.  Do you dare to journey through the fog?  You better watch out for the screamster coming at you from all sides, and be sure to watch your “step” as well.  You never know what creatures are waiting.

Have you ever wondered what happens to the water rides at Cedar Point once the cold weather chases the water away?  With Cornstalkers you get the chance to walk through Thunder Canyon water ride.  It may look a bit different with the hundreds of cornstalks lining the path.  But it is all really just cornstalks?  Take your chance to walk through this horrifying, claustrophobic trail of corn and be prepared for what hides in this rafting ride.  Entrance is located near the beginning of Screamworks and exits near the Barn Yard.

Blood on the Bayou takes you to the deep south where voodoo reigns over the land.  Journey through the murky bayous where your nightmares hide in the shadows of night.  Trees offer a great view, but don’t let that distract your from the path.  Stray too far off and you may just find yourself working for the voodoo king himself.  Entrance lies near Top Thrill Dragster photos and exits near the TTD queue line.

Camp Snoopy is a wonderfully fun time for the little ones, with rides like Wilderness Run, Woodstocks Express, and Woodstocks Airmail.  But when darkness falls, so does the rides.  Camp snoopy transforms into CarnEvil, a terror filled carnival with clowns and an assortment or other freaks to give you nightmares to last an eternity.  Carnival music adds to the experience, almost making it feel like being scared is fun!  Located throughout all of Camp Snoopy on the Gemini Midway.  Tall stands sit on both sides with a ring leader calling you in to joins those who roam the carnival grounds at night.

New to the outdoor haunt experience this year is The Call Of The Screamsters.  Join the folks of Frontier Town as they try their best to ward off the terrifying witch and her minions.  The show starts at 7:45 Fridays and Saturdays leading up to the outdoor haunts opening up at 8pm.

If small spaces and tight corners scare you even more?  Watch out for part 2 where we explore the indoor haunted houses that offer many more places for people to hide.  You never know what hides in the corners.