Halloweekends 101 Part 2

Indoor haunted houses are know around the world and are a staple for the Halloween season.  Every Hexed

room is filled with the things that scare us most.  Trained employees hide in the shadows follow you around to elicit a deep fear that can make a small haunted house even smaller.  Cedar Point is no different when it comes to these indoor scream machines.  Each of the five indoor haunts are designed to make everyone jump.


First up is the newest haunted house, Hexed.  The witch has summoned us all to experience her spells and potions, which have unfortunately done some damage to her minions.  Located next to Gatekeeper this new haunted house offers spectacular decorating and themeing.  Whos side will you choose?  The witch and her spells?  Or the voodoo queen.

Need a break from all of these advanced spells?  How about a time warp to High School?  Down the midway from Hexed is Zombie High School.  New in 2013 Zombie High School shows us the typical day as a high school student.  With rooms like the main office, library, and locker rooms.  Not to mention a fulfilling lunch of finger foods and brains served by the eternal lunch lady.  And just like real high school everything leads up to the big high school dance.  With guests “hanging” out on the dance floor.  There are definitely plenty of space for the screamsters to hide, making for a fun experience full of jumps, bags, and screams.

Eden Musee, which held one of the worlds largest collection of wax figures, was founded in New York in 1883.  But here in Sandusky Ohio our own little Eden Musee is filled with wax figures, some of which are known to come to life!  Located in the heart of Mean Streak this is no ordinary museum.  Every corner is filled with wax figures, or are they real?  Take a historic journey through these rooms and see if you can tell who is real, and who is just a plain old statue.  We also get to see how these “wax” figures are made with a tour of the creating room.

Are you sick from all of the screaming you’ve done so far?  Take a trip back to frontier town and check yourself into the infirmary.  The nurses are eagerly awaiting your visit.  The Eternity Infirmary makes you rethink your own sanity.  These patients will do anything they can to make you one of them.  Filled with doctors, nurses and patients this indoor haunt will make you never want to go back to the doctors ever again.

Going through all of these haunted houses sure can make you tired.  Why not check into the G.A. Boeckling’s Erie Estate.  Located near Planet Snoopy and by Cedar Point offices this creepy house is meant for anyone who needs a place to stay.  You are welcomed by their doorman and enter into the 150 year old house of horrors.  But beware, stay out of the closet.  She does not like it when you enter HER closet.  Take a walk through the study, the bedrooms, and the dining room.  Watch as the paintings come to life and track your every move.  Once visit and you will become one of the many guests made to roam its halls, terrorizing the next batch of humans to enter the Erie Estate.

Does walking around the park make you hungry?  Why not become a dinner guest at the Erie Estate!  Make your reservations for the Boeckling’s Banquet.  Enjoy a fine dining experience inside the dining room of the Erie Estate.  Join the other spirits for a meal of lobster tail, crab legs, seafood alfredo, or a filet.  All meals come with fresh steamed veggies, twice baked potato, dessert, a glass of wine or beer, and an assortment of Coke products.  Enjoy this unique dining experience Fridays at 5:30 and Saturday at 12:30.  Reservations can be made at https://www.cedarpoint.com/?promoCode=boeckling……..Tickets must be purchased by midnight one day before the meal.