It was a perfect summer day out on Lake Erie in Sandusky, Ohio. That day would be the day that sparked my love for coasters. The day started with Millennium of the first time. It was a very short line because we got early entry. We got into the station and got into line for the first seat, second car. At this point, I was scared to death. The cable locked and we started to go up the 310 foot hill. The Ride got there so fast Top Thrill DragsterI wasn’t ready. I was looking across the beautiful Lake, then I just dropped. Even before the over bank right after the first hill I had my hands up! The whole ride was a blast, hands down the best. Then I had to conquer The Top Thrill Dragster. As we were walking there, we saw a game where you could win front row seats to The Dragster so we decided to try. We won them! So my brother forced me to go Front Seat first time. I was thinking to myself, “What am I getting myself into.” I lap bar came down and there i was sitting out of the station. “Hands Down, Head Back, And Hold On” We were off! I closed my eyes and i opened them. We were already at the top of the ride! Relieved, I forgot, when something comes up it must come down. We went down, hitting 120 MPH for a second time. That was it, I was officially a ride warrior! I couldn’t believe it, before this year I was too afraid to go on the Magnum, and now I am a Ride Warrior. Since then I have always loved roller coasters and I always will.

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