Jordan 1Hello, fellow Ride Warriors! My name is Jordan Smith and I am a Manager at To put it briefly, I am a huge fan of Cedar Point. I first became a Season Passholder back in 2010 and finally upgraded and became a Platinum Passholder in 2013. I have been to Cedar Point countless times over the years. My favorite roller coaster at Cedar Point is Top Thrill Dragster.  Now on to my favorite memories of this past 2014 season at Cedar Point. First, it’s always great to spend time at the park with my family. I attend the park all the time with my mom and brother. It’s also great meeting up with friends who also appreciate Cedar Point as much as I do. America’s Roller Coast has introduced me to many great people who love visiting Cedar Point and Jordan 2also have a strong passion for roller coasters and amusement parks in general. Among the many great people I have met at the park this past summer, my two favorite people are my great friends Jenny Fiedler and Brad Kilgore (Coaster B-Rad). We have all been really great friends for a while now and we never get bored conversing back and forth with each other about Cedar Point in general, such as events going on at the park, or talking about the Best Steel Coaster in the World, Millennium Force. We run a Facebook page together for fun, Club Millieholic, which is dedicated to sharing all things Millie. I can’t wait for many more great times at Cedar Point with family and friends in the future!


3Second, I really enjoyed the new attractions Cedar Point introduced in 2014. I was excited all summer to ride SlingShot, and finally got to do so in September, during HalloWeekends Opening Night. SlingShot is a very cool experience. It costs $25 to ride and I recommend every thrill seeker give it a try at least once. You will really enjoy it!

Last but not least, I attended Mantis’ Last Stand day on Sunday, October 19, Jordan 32014. This was a bittersweet day for me because I have always loved riding Mantis but I am very much excited to ride Rougarou when it opens this upcoming 2015 operating season. I am honored to have been able to ride Mantis one last time on its closing day and to receive a commemorable button to remember the experience.
Jordan 4
Thanks to all Cedar Point employees, as well as my family and friends, for making 2014 a great summer at Cedar Point. I am looking forward to another great season’s worth of memories at Cedar Point this upcoming 2015 operating season. Ride on!