Kristen From Millennium Force

I strived everyday to provide the “Best Day Experience” for every guest who walked through
those gates. Being at one of the largest and popular locations in the park you see thousands of
people each day. However, knowing you made a difference in one guests days out shines all the
negative comments you hear. I always enjoyed having conversation with guests and it came
down to when I was able to become friends with guests who returned on a regular basis. It
changes you when you can call
someone by name, they ask
you how something in your life Kristen
is going, or even how your
previous semester at school
In comparison to the guests
experience where the Ride
Host can make or break your
day, we as Ride Hosts look to
have positive experiences with
the guests. I don’t know how
many times I was standing at
crowd not having the best of
days and a guest comes by
and says “ Kristen, I love your
headband.” I wasn’t expecting
that, and like that my day can
be turned around.
So thank you to all the guests
out there that saw the Ride
Hosts as more than “Carnies”,
those who cared to learn a little
more about us, and those who
returned regularly. I taught my
crew to welcome those in with open arms and I’m thankful for those who were able to
experience the family style work environment that Millennium Force has to offer.