Midnight Syndicate Live!

One of the newest haunted attractions at Cedar Points HalloweekedMidnight Syndicate Lives is Midnight Syndicate Live!  This first of its kind multimedia horror concert takes place inside of the “Ghoul” Time Theater and takes you on a journey using music and film.  This Ohio native music duo has been creating the soundtracks of your imagination since 1996 and has finally brought their talent to the stage.  If you love Gothic horror music, or are a fan or live experiences this is a must see show.  The Legacy of Shadows performance runs Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays through November 1st, show times photographed above.  This show may be too intense for younger viewers.

This is the hardest blog I have probably ever had to do.  If you have been paying attention to the page the last few weeks you already know that I have been a fan of this band for many years, since the first time I heard them.  So my excitement was through the roof when I found out about their first ever live show coming to Halloweekends.  Friday finally came and the second I was able to get into the park I was at the theater waiting for the show.  My first time seeing the show I found it sort of hard to watch the screens during the performance, solely based off the fact that I couldn’t believe Midnight Syndicate was right in front of me.  But this show is more then just the amazing music booming all around you.  Your senses are under attack from beginning to end.  The second show I saw I made sure to focus more on the screens and was completely blown away by the entire experience.  The music being played live synced perfectly with the film and added many more goosebumps to my skin.  The story follows through the film clips and ties in everything on stage as well.  There are many small details to catch while watching, like the hallway that leads to the stage, or the doorway where the two guys walk out during the beginning of the show.  Every seat in the theater offers a different perspective of the show.  You HEAR a completely different show on the sides of the theater then you would while sitting near the center, but the screens are visible at all times no matter where you sit.

The show is nonstop from the second you sit in your seat, with music building up to the show, to the very end when the lights come up and the staff open the exit doors.  Your heart races, you get chills running down your back, you sort of feel like you are going insane!  The show even continues when you leave the theater!  Just take a glance through the Marina gates to see what I mean.  By the time you walk back towards the park to continue your day the chills return, and you can’t help but think of what you just saw.

This is an amazing addition to the Cedar Point lineup of live shows, both during the summer and Halloweekends.  I want to thank Cedar Point for giving Midnight Syndicate this opportunity, and more importantly need to thank Midnight Syndicate for taking it!  Show count is five so far, and looking forward to see it again, and catch any small changes, the next time I make a trip to Americas Rockin, and scarin, Roller Coast.