Millennium Force

Millennium Force It’s Millennium Monday everyone!  This past weeks post is going up today to honor the best steel coaster in the world.  Millennium force was first announced on July 22, 1999 and billed as the worlds tallest and fastest full circuit steel roller coaster.  Covering 13 acres at a cost of 25 million dollars Millennium Force was designed by Cedar Point, Intamin, and German coaster designer Werner Stengel.  The first media event was held on May 11th, 2000 and the ride opened to the public on May 13th, 2000.

“Millennium Force is a great coaster. The speed, hills, turns and view make it the coaster that everyone wants to ride at Cedar Point. I like riding it.”  Scott Karnes

Construction began in August of 1999 with the removal and relocation of Giant Wheel to its current Millennium Force place by the beach  It took 120 construction works to complete Millennium Force over the next 7 months.  Testing took an additional 2 months doing a “pull through” where a section of a coaster train is pulled through the length of the ride ensuring the proper clearance along the way.  Millennium Force has been officially measured at 310 feet 11 inches and a top speed of 93mph.  This 6,595 foot long coaster has 229 pieces of track consisting of 2 rail track; flat, 3 rail track; triangular, and 4 rail track; square.

“Millennium force is the best steal coaster cedar point has built. Going up the lift hill is scary but its the adrenaline rush that you get when u go down the hill doing 93 mph. My daughter and I love riding it! And its a must ride when you go to cedar point” Sharon Huebner Petzke

Millennium Force Millennium Force broke six world records when the ride opened May 13th.  It was the tallest full circuit roller coaster to top 300 feet, 310 feet 11 inches.  It was the fastest coaster at 93mph.  The first complete circuit roller coaster to top 300 feet.  Longest drop on a complete circuit roller coaster at 300 feet.  The first roller coaster to use a cable lift hill instead of the traditional chain link hill.  Lastly Millennium Force has the steepest non inverted overbank turn at 122 degrees, also known as a half corkscrew.  Millennium Force also set four records for Cedar Point as an amusement park.  The most rides in an amusement park, the most roller coasters at an amusement park, the most steel coasters at an amusement park, and the most length of coaster track at an amusement park.

“I think Millennium Force is a one of a kind coaster. The top speed, height, and airtime give thrill seekers and coaster junkies an awesome ride!”  Andrew Smith

Photo credit to Cedar Point.  Millennium Force takes you up 310 feet using an elevator cable lift before Millennium Force dropping you down 300 feet at an 80 degree angle.  The 122 degree banked turn sends you towards the first of two tunnels.  A 182 foot zero gravity hill carries you onto Adventure Island before speeding through a 105 foot 360 degree helix and into the next overbanked turn.  A third airtime hill sends you into the second tunnel and curves to fly past the station.  A final banked turn sends you into the magnetic break run before stopping at the unload platform.

“Millennium Force is the best steel coaster in the world. It’s tall, fast, and has great air time. Combining the height, speed, and air time creates an excellent coaster that will always be my favorite.”  Jenny Fiedler