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As a ValleyFair park services employee I had three main duties.  Sweep the walkways, empty the garbage cans, and make sure the guests had a great day.  I took these duties seriously despite however I felt that day.  Being in park services meant I handled trash a lot.  Handling trash isn’t fValleyFairor the faint of heart and isn’t the most pleasant task, so that usually caused many employees in the department to have bad attitudes about their jobs.  For me that wasn’t an issue.  I saw past the garbage and truly enjoyed it.  The things I loved most about the job, is helping others enjoy the park as much as I do.  It always made my day better when I would reunite lost children with their mothers and see people having genuine fun.  As any other ValleyFair employee we revolve around the Best Day Ever program.  That meant we made sure the guests had the best day ever.  Of course there were some cases where I ended up being yelled at, but that wasn’t an excuse for me not to help the guest, regardless of how ridiculous the complaint was.  Even though there were not so nice guests, the truly thankful guests made up for the negativity.  I didn’t get thanked much for doing my job.  But there was a day where I was having a very bad day and a little girl came up to me and thanked me for helping keep the park clean.  That small amount of kindness changed my day, and probably made my year.  Overall the summer of 2014 was one I will never forget thanks to working for ValleyFair.  It was definitely the best summer I’ve had.  I’m already looking forward to working there in 2015!