Halloweekends 101 Skeleton Crew

skeleton 1 In 2012 Cedar Point added the all new Celebration Plaza, replacing the giant screen where nightly summer shows took place.  The addition of Celebration Plaza included stage, lighting, bleachers, bar, and high rise performance areas throughout the area.  But what happens when summer comes to an end and ghouls take over Cedar Point?  Screamsters move into Frontier Town while the Skeleton Crew takes the stage.  This thrilling show combines different elements like skeleton 2gymnastics, cirque performers, fire, and an ending that will leave you “bouncing” in your seats.
Taking place throughout the day the Skeleton Crew is an amazing show for the entire family.  Take a seat in the bleachers and enjoy the show, or stand front and center and feel the heat coming off the flaming batons and torches.

skeleton 3The creepily dressed performers take the stage to blow your mind, make your palms sweat with anticipation, and make you shake in your seat.  You stare wide eyed as a performer holds herself inside of a metal ring, letting it carry her around the stage.  You feel yourself shake as the hooded figures surround the fire dancer.  You gaps every time the gymnast soars into the air, only being caught by a small balance board.


You survive the wonder of the performances when the finale begins.  You stare at the huge black box skeleton 4painted with lightening bolts wondering how it fits into the show.  Upbeat swing music begins and you watch as skeletons skeleton 5show up on TOP of the box.  You think, surely they cant perform too much on top of that box.  But you are wrong once again.  Just as the skeletons start to dance one falls off the side, but miraculously bounce back up!  The other two skeletons follow suite and begin to jump off, performing flips and tricks with each other.  Everything is fine until only one skeleton remains.  He searches for the others as three small windows open up in the front of the box on stage.  These three skeletons perform their crazy antics to the sounds of applause and laughs.skeleton 6

The performers all come back out, center stage, and take their final bows while the crowd cheers.  It is truly a one of a kind experience that is a definite must while visiting the park during Halloweekends.  The music booms through skeleton 7Celebration Plaza giving goosebumps to anyone within hearing range.  Fog and lighting enhance the show while performs defy gravity to amaze anyone watching.  People walking past can’t help but stop and stare, ending up staying till the very end of the show.skeleton 8