Summer Memories at Cedar Point

The8147415 summer season and come and gone and the winterization of many amusement parks is in full swing.  Ride are being taken apart, and coaster trains are being stripped to nothing in order repair anything that may be wrong, in order to make the ride 100 percent safe for next summer.  The off season is a time of longing as we wait these long six months eagerly awaiting the start of the next summer riding season.  Many memories have been made and will be stuck in our brains, or posted on social medias to be looked at again in the dead of winter.  Lets relive some of our best summer memories with a new segment here at MyOwnCP called Off Season Summer Memories!

For the 2014 season Cedar Point announced their Best Day Promise, promising its guests the best day of their summer.  A lot of memories have been made and thanks to the incredible staff at Cedar Point I was able to experience MANY Best Days.  A lot of new events had been added to the summer list of To Dos such as the Cedar Point Beach Blast, Coaster Campout, and the Fun Patrol who was unleashed around the park to liven up your day and join you in a random dance off!

The award winning rides also contribute to the Best Day experiences.  Who doesn’t love the wind in your face, the messy hair, the bugs in your teeth?  No matter the amount of rides you take on a given ride, each trip through the steel and wood gives us all memories that we long to relive again and again.

Why am I talking about making memories and having the best times of our lives?  Because I want us all to relive our favorite summer memories during the off season and I need YOUR help ride warriors.  In this new section of the MyOwnCP blog I will be featuring write ups written by you guys!  I want to hear about your favorite memory, or memories, of the 2014 summer season.  Did it happen at Cedar Point?  Or maybe King Island?  Or both?  I want to hear about all of your best memories to help get through these long six months.  I will be uploading three posts a week, or more depending on the number we receive.  Interested in participating?  Here’s what you need to do:
=Using a word program, or any sort of document program, create a write up introducing yourself, and tell us about what memories you want to share and why you chose them.
=Send them in to MyOwnCP.  You can either send the document file through a Facebook message directly to the page at or email it in to
=After it is received I will contact you back as to what day your post will be uploaded.
=Share your memory to even more people by sharing the post to your friends and family.
=Any questions?  Feel free to ask away for more details on your participation.  Questions may be sent via Facebook message or to

Know anyone else who has had an awesome memory filled summer?  We would like to hear about theirs as well!

Its going to be a long winter ride warriors, so lets fill these next six months up with stories of sunshine, warm weather, and long action filled days from Americas Roller Coast, ride on!