Thank you Cedar Point

The 2014 summer season is officially over, which means we have 187 days until Cedar Point opens for the 2015 season.  I did one of these write ups last year after the park closed and decided to do it again this year.  I want to say the most sincere thank you to Cedar Point, and everyone associated with Cedar Point and Cedar Fair.  At the beginning of the 2014 season Cedar Point announced their Best Day Promise, #CPbestday.  I can honestly say that this year was the best season that I have ever experienced.  There was something in the air this entire summer that made the park seem even more amazing.  It may have had its ups and downs, with the water main break and the closing that followed, but there was also some great ups and downs.  I want to first thank the best crew I have ever known, Millennium Force Crew. Kristen Kristen and her crew this year were amazing and provided myself, and thousands of other guests, their best day experience.  And a special thanks to Kat for letting my niece use her gloves while we waited for last train.  It was a small gesture but meant a lot since she didn’t need to do it.  Millennium Force definitely deserves the title of best in the world.  Not only for its airtime, thrills, speed, and height, but also for its amazing crew that dedicates their summer making sure guests are safe and excited to ride.  Next I need to thank the challenge park crew, and Ashley with her Slingshot crew.  I have had a lot of flights on RipCord this summer and have made some friends over in Challenge ParkAmy.  We made it through the summer with jokes and laughs and I loved every second of it.  I got to ride a lot of rides with some really great people, meeting so many during this season.  Cedar Point is just a giant community bringing ride warriors together and making friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.  I need to send a big thank you to the maintenance crews who spend countless hours making sure everything is running smoothly and making everything in the park 100 percent safe for its guests.  They do an amazing job.  The rest of the ride crews are also a big part of the CP Best Day.  The friendly staff put smiles on everybodys face and seem like it is impossible for them to frown while they are at work.  I have met a lot of great ride ops this summer.  I want Lyndzeto thank Jason McClure for all of the great work he did during his first year as VP of Americas Roller Coast.  He added a bunch of great events like the Beach Blast, and it sure was a blast!  It was a great opportunity to spend the summer nights on the be ach listening to music, and ending the night with fireworks.  The Gemini Midway looks incredible and adds so much more fun and energy to the day.  Thank you to every single other employee who works for Cedar Point, because without all of you the park wouldn’t and couldn’t be what it is today.  Everybody works as one to create an amazing experience for first time visitors, and the ones who practically live there like I do.  25 great trips to Americas Roller Coast and it will NEVER get old.  To all of the employees and performers in LiveE, you guys did such an incredible job this summer.  The performances were spot on and the talent was through the roof.  Summer came to an end and the 18th Halloweekends began.  The screamsters were great like every other year, they never disappoint.  TheEternity Infirmary haunted houses gave many scares and jumps.  Hexed was a great addition with some truly incredible decorations on the inside.  I also want to give a big thank you to Cedar Point for allowing Midnight Syndicate to perform their first live show at the park.  I was the first in line for their first show and have been a huge fan of theirs since I first heard their music.  It was an amazing show and a amazing experience getting to meet Ed and Gavin.  Thank you Cedar Point for the great season and all of the wonderful memories.  It was a season to remember and I couldn’t be happier that I was able to be there to see it all.  I can honestly say I had my Best Days Ever.  With much love, Alex.