Thank You Cedar Point 2015

The Best Day Promise. What Cedar Point lives by. Giving every guest the best day ever. I know as a guest this promise holds true and always have an amazing time during every visit. But this motto means so much more now, as an associate. It’s the end of the season which means it’s time for my annual thank you letter to Cedar Point. Only this time I have to thank Americas Roller Coast for a whole new reason. The past couple of years I have done these letters as a thank you to all associates who work the long hours in not so great weather outside and let them know how much I appreciate them for what they do. This year I appreciate my fellow associates even more after experiencing first hand what it is actually like. My first and biggest thank you is to Cedar Point. If it weren’t for the opportunities I was given I wouldn’t be where I am right now, typing this in my dorm room. The park offered me a job in rides and gave me the chance to work on the Top Thrill Dragster Pit Crew. We had our highs and lows but with a crew like the one I had we all made it though together. Thank you to management and supervision for all of the support and help. I feel like I was able to learn a lot about my job from everyone that is involved in a rides operation, and trust me there is a lot more then just the 13 people needed to run TTD. I was able to learn about how a normal operating day began and ended. Without being offered this job I wouldn’t have met my new amazing friends who quickly became family. We all made it everyone! I also need to thank my awesome ride leadership Sarah, Johnna, and Zack. They trained us all and made it fun to work on a major attraction. And thanks to my amazing crew, Nick, Nathan, Nick, Alex, Tom, Kevin, Marvin, Carrie, Shannon, Lale, and many more, who helped each other through bad times and long days, through bad weather and all those stressful times. Thank you to Liz and Christian from the RougaCrew for letting me come by and crosstrain on a new ride. They both made sure I wasn’t confused on anything, working on a completely different ride with completely different requirements. I also made many great friends on the newest ride as well. Dancing in between trains with Ski, Caylee and Josh, laughing with Doug, and getting spoiled by Barb during Halloweekends. I wouldn’t have changed a single thing that happened this summer because everyone made it so much fun. I was even able to make trips to new parks like Holiday World and venture off to ride new rides with great friends. Cedar Point definitely lived up to its own promise, giving me the best summer ever! From Top Thrill Dragster, to Rougarou, to Halloweekends setup, to driving through the park. But Cedar Point isn’t the only reason I was able to have the best summer I have ever had. It was also you guys, the guests. Without you ride warriors we wouldn’t have this amazing place to call our home. You made it so much fun to be working every day of the week, and make the long hours fly by. It’s hard to see this summer come to an end, but next year is just around the corner. Super excited for all of the changes coming to the Rockin Roller Coast and can’t wait to experience it all again. This isn’t goodbye ride warriors, it’s see ya next summer!