MyOwnCP Top Sites to Follow

Community.  It isn’t just an area where you live, but also a group of people in any way.  Online fan sites are probably the best kind of community I could ask to be a part of.  This community is filled with a lot of people who share a common interest, in this case Amusement Parks.  As we all know Cedar Points opening day is approaching fast so I have compiled my top Cedar Point, and amusement park, fan sites to follow this upcoming summer season.


CPFoodBlogFirst on the list is CP Food Blog, featuring everything you need to fuel your day. was born out of trying to find information related to the food at Cedar Point during the summer of 2013. Today, the CPFoodBlog highlights the latest dining news from all of the Cedar Fair parks across North America including Knott’s Berry Farm, Carowinds, Kings Island, and many more. The CP Food Blog is dedicated to the historical preservation, analysis, and latest information on the food and dining options, which include full menus, prices, photos, plus food and restaurant reviews you will not find anywhere else.”

The CP Food Blog can be also be found on,, and

CPHistoryNext up is Cedar Point History, Covering the extensive history of Americas second oldest amusement park. “We are Cedar Point History.  We give people the facts, information and stories that make up the history of Cedar Point. We also share the news/rumors of current events/rides at the park. We are the largest Cedar Point fan site dedicated to the past, present, and future of the Amazement Park!  We decided to start the page, because studying the events of the past, give us an understanding of how the park came to be “The Roller Coaster Capital of the World”! How did this narrow plot of land go from a modest beach to the best in amusement park in the world? The answer liesCPHistory 2 within the rich history.  Cedar Point History has been around for over two years and with a strong and great fan base. We have roots in some of the web sites and forums that are still out there.   Something new we’d like to try this year, “tweet-ups” and Meet ups. Our good friend Tony often does the Tweet Ups at the park, and they work well. We still have some work to make this reality, but we plan to have prizes and a good time with all our friends and fans.  You can find us on Facebook at Cedar Point History and Twitter at  @CPointHistory.”

CPFansiteNext Brings us to CPFansite, covering everything from Americas Roller Coast. “CPfansite had its humble beginnings in 2012, starting out as small fansite to get Coaster Crew members engaged about everything Cedar Point. One of Coaster Crew’s senior members, Christopher Hughes, helped to get the groundwork going for the site by setting up the News, Rides, Dining, and History pages. He also began the Facebook page for CPfansite around this time.  In 2013 at Cedar Point’s annual Fall Freakout, I, Coaster B-Rad had the pleasure of meeting Tim Holloran, who at that time was the Vice President of The Coaster Crew. Tim realized how much I loved the park and asked me if I would like to become a “fantributor” for CPfansite, his Cedar Point fansite. (A “fantributor” is basically a Cedar Point fan that CPFansite 3contributes to the fansite with articles, pictures, and other things to help expand the website.) I was honored and said I would be happy to!  After writing many articles and doing lots of website updates, Tim realized how much of a passion I had for Cedar Point and asked if I would like to be the General Manager for CPfansite! This really excited me. I made it my goal to make CPfansite the ultimate place to go for all your Cedar Point needs! When I took over managing the website and Facebook pages, Tim and I started assembling a small staff to help out. Together, we brought the number of Facebook likes on our page from 294 to our amazing number of 1,523 likes today! We have taken what started out as a simple fansite, to a full-blown, expanded Cedar Point website with updates being done almost daily, even in the off-season!  A big thanks goes out to all our currently active staff members, including Andrew Borgen for his amazing backlog of pictures, Jarred Bour-Jones for his awesome YouTube submissions, Donald Weiss for his really cool off-season photos, and all our countless fantributors for all their great submissions! Then there’s Jenny Fiedler. I saved her for last to point out how thankful I am for everything she has done to make CPfansite so awesome! She helps with everything from updating attractions pages, making multiple Facebook page posts, CPFansite 2writing numerous essays, and so much more! Jenny is the assistant manager of CPfansite and does so much to make it the best it can be! A big thank you goes to all our staff members and all our fans! By running CPfansite, I never could have imagined how many friends I would have made over the past couple years. It’s truly a blessing to go to the park and know that no matter which day I visit, I have friends that will be there!  Be sure to follow us on our website, Facebook, and Twitter! You can add me as a friend on Facebook. I always love making new friends that share the same passion as me for roller coasters and the greatest amusement park of all time, Cedar Point!”

KIFansiteLets travel down south with KIFansite, covering everything about Cedar Points sister park Kings Island opening in April.  “Hi! My name is Jarrett and I’m in charge of KIFansite! KIFansite is a Facebook page dedicated to all things Kings Island, from the park’s rich history of the past to the violent Banshee inversions of today to the new additions of tomorrow. Anyone liked to KIFansite on Facebook has the opportunity to scroll through their news feed with the occasional post about anything Kings Island, be it an update on a developing situation or just a walk down memory lane.  I came to the page in the fall of 2014 looking for a way to step up and take a position of leadership in my passion; roller coasters and theme parks. When I saw that Coaster Crew, KIFansite’s parent company, was looking for contributors, I applied and was given the position. Since around the end of the 2014 season I have been keeping the page going throughout the chilly offseason months and as of lately, preparing for the 2015 season. Since I stepped in, the page has been acquiring many more likes than it did before I stepped in.  While KIFansite 2the page might just be a post on your Facebook news feed today, as the 2015 season barrels in (it’ll be here in under two months, can you believe it?), the page will start to become a bit more involved in the lives of followers. Currently we are having a contest inspired by the front gate makeovers at Cedar Point and Carowinds. Participants are to use any media they desire (Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, drawing, computer modeling, foam board and pins, macaroni art, literally anything) to portray a concept of a reimagined front gate for Kings Island. Towards the end of last season I started doing meetups and giveaways around the park when I was there; this will continue into the 2015 season. Last KIFansite 3season I had a gentlemen who followed the page recognize the Silver Bullet hat I was wearing in my selfie while we were waiting for Banshee, he won a magnet and I got to meet a page follower in person. Another event we have been toying with was a training party for the Cedar Fair Run & Ride Series in the fall where we would allow page followers doing the 5k, 10k, or half marathon to run a course in a public location of our choice. They would get a split time, a projected time for their event, and maybe a little something extra for showing up. This one is not confirmed yet but it is a real possibility if enough interest is expressed.  KIFansite is a relatively old Facebook page but life is slowly being breathed back into it! Over time we plan to fire our Twitter account back up as well in addition to making sure the Facebook page continues to get better and bring readers all the juicy bits on everything Kings Island. Make sure to like KIFansite so you don’t miss out on the fun 2015 has in store!  You can find us on Facebook and Twitter.”

Thrillkeeper 2Grab your passports ride warriors because next up we are taking a trip around the world!  Featuring Thrillkeeper who covers parks from all over the globe.  “Thrillkeeper is a personal blog about theme park travels around the globe. It was founded by Marcel, a 22 years old roller coaster riding world traveler from Germany! He is traveling the world to ride the newest roller coasters, experience the greatest thrills and visit theme parks and amusement parks! Thrillkeeper is all about having fun and blogging about thrilling adventures. Thrillkeeper enjoys traveling around the world as he can connect with so many other coaster enthusiasts and make friendships that last for a lifetime. Thrillkeeper has worked for Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH in 2014 and is looking forward to making a career in the amusement park industry. Follow his thrills around the world andThrillkeeper 3 experience the most thrilling roller coasters and the most beautiful theme parks you have ever seen in your entire life.  Thrillkeeper started as an Instagram account sharing photos from previous travels and developed into a Facebook page linking to his blog and any other social media website where Thrillkeeper is represented. This includes YouTube and Twitter. Marcel originally started the Thrillkeeperpage to show the most amazing roller coasters and theme parks he visits during his roller coaster vacation. Meanwhile, it is a blog that informs coaster enthusiasts about current travels including trip reports and Follow Me Around videos.  Marcel confirms that blogging is a tough business and requires a strong work ethic. It is his hobby, which he hopes to turn into a professional source. Marcel says. That it is a lot of work to write trip reports, think about future trips or the next post on Instagram. He wants to offer contests where fans can win theme park and coaster related souvenirs such as park maps or flyers.  Thrillkeeper was released in 2013.  Keep the thrills alive with Thrillkeeper!”  You can follow Thrillkeeper around on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat at thrillkeeper.

Thank to Thrillkeeper, CPFansite, CPFoodblog, CedarPointHistory, and KIFansite for their help with this post.  So get caught up with these sites now before the 2015 season begins and follow for complete coverage on everything amusement park related.  Ride on ride warriors.