Why Exactly is Cedar Point the Best?

When you first hear the words Cedar Point you probably think of roller coasters and thrill rides.  After all it is the roller coaster capitol of the world right?  But roller coasters, both big and small, are only a minor part of why Cedar Point is one of the top vacation destinations in the world.  I asked you guys on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share some of the reasons why Cedar Point is, and always will be, the best amusement park in the world.

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The responses I got were nothing short of how I believe we all feel.  Keith Wilson said “OK where to begin… Cedar point to me is so much more than just rides or food its a sound a feeling a sight a memory its a life. I used to go for the rides and certain foods ( we all love the fries and elephant ears) but with time I noticed I got the same thrill from watching kids laugh and smile as they stood in line for their first rollercoaster. I can’t imagine life without cedar point”  Diana Linn Sloban said “Cedar Point to me and my family is the ultimate happy place. Its the one place that fills my heart with love and joy! There is nothing but happiness there and no stress and worry.”  This is our happy place.  Every bad day ends the second you drive down the causeway, when the bushes clear and the Cedar Point skyline comes into view.

family 6 family 7 family 8                            Moe Hawk Hippley says “Having been in the area for last 36 of my 43 years, I have grown up with CP in my back yard. Most of my Ride Warrior “firsts” came at Cedar Point. To me, there is no other Amusement Park that can possibly compare to the Hometown Park! Speed, Height, Variety and so many other things come to mind along with the ability to always feel at home and safe at the park. My children now experience the same feeling that I felt too.”  Jen High said “My family has been going since I was a baby…and even since before I came along, I’m sure. I have always loved the rides (coasters and non-coasters, ones here and ones past), the food, the views (such as from the train, space spiral, giant wheel, sky ride). Cedar Point has always been my family’s once-a-year vacation, starting with a one day venture until 2011 when we were finally able to do it for two days a year (and every year since, we always stay at Sandcastle Suites) All in all, It is my happy place. I think it’s the over-all experience, everything equally family 13family 11blended together”  Living close by, or even far away Cedar Point is a great way to spend your vacation.  The rides and coasters are only a small part of the experience.  Food also helps make your trip memorable with iconic carnival food such as funnel cake and fresh cut fries.  But the food doesn’t end there.  After all of the walking we do we may want to sit down and enjoy a nice family dinner at Coasters Drive In, or Johnny Rockets.

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Jason Slone told me “In addition to the record breaking coasters, food games and memories to last forever,. you have one of the most spectacular settings of any amusement park. The lake, the beach, the island chains, beach houses, all make for remarkable view that you can’t get at too many other parks”  Nothing beats the scenery around the park.  Being surrounded by water and all of the trees enhances your overall experience.  Bonnie Verhoff says “At first I thought it was all the amazing roller coasters but since I took my 5 yr old son for the first time this year I would definitely say it’s all the great memories we created while he rode all thfamily 17e rides for the first time nothing beats a child’s sincere happy smile”



Roller coasters, thrill rides, live entertainment, food, scenery, memories.  These are all just small pieces of the puzzle.  Put all of these together and you are guaranteed to have an amazing day at Americas Rockin Roller Coast.